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Why Health Trust

Why us?

4 Reasons to Choose Health Trust

Superior Service
Client for Life Approach
Lowest Cost & Benefits

Buying Health Insurance Is Difficult.

We agree - buying health insurance can be difficult. Many companies are offering several plans. Benefits are different. Fine print is hard to read. Terms are unfamiliar. And, the cost can be surprising. Now you have a solution.


Who is Health Trust Financial?

Nationally endorsed and licensed leader in providing Health Insurance to individuals and small businesses. Offering multiple carriers with superior financial ratings and a proven track record of success.

Superior Ratings

Health Trust Financial is RamseyTrusted®, that means:

  • We follow the Ramsey mission.
  • We've been fully vetted but the Ramsey team.
  • We are dedicated to providing service you can count on.
  • We are the only company the Ramsey team recommends to help you find health insurance.

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Experience and Expertise

Since 1995, a recognized leader, one of the nation's largest providers of Health Savings Accounts.

Specializing in Health & Term Life Insurance.

Throughout the years, we have encountered every possible scenario. We can tailor products and services to best suit consumer needs. 

4.9 Rating out of ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐




Customer Satisfaction

97% of National Approval from customers nationwide.

Our agents have a "Heart of a Teacher" mentality. This means we educate consumers to save money with higher deductibles or HSA.

We are easy to reach at our dedicated customer line 888-682-7316. We are committed to responding quickly to customer questions and concerns.

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