My agent at Health Trust was patient and listened to my full questions before responding. He took the time to explain how insurance fit in my situation. The agent even took time to verify my state requirements and availability of certain products and services. Fantastic response and knowledge about health insurance.

Kelly C. - Florida

We are very pleased with our experience with Health Trust. Our agent knew exactly what we had in mind and explained the details to me in a clear manner with just the right amount of personal touch. He also followed up with e-mails of the information discussed, which was especially great since my husband is in the military and I could forward them to him. He then got us set up with exactly what we needed immediately. The staff was also very polite and explained everything I needed to know to set up my insurance promptly. We will highly recommend the agent to others.

Charles B - Georgia

My agent at Health Trust was a wonderful help and offered a wealth of knowledge. I could tell that he wasn't in it for the sell but to give me the best insurance for my family at the best price. Thank you for the service. We have already purchased our insurance and I will be calling him about life insurance within the week.

Tyla C - Alaska

I am very pleased with the agent at Health Trust and his team. I received several follow-up calls and emails to make sure I knew exactly what I wanted to know. I was so please that I purchased my HSA immediately. I feel confident in my decision knowing that Dave Ramsey endorses them and knowing that they agree with Dave's teachings. Thanks for this great service!!

Lewis W – Oregon